Tangible contribution made!

Just submitted a comment on a bug ticket for the Measure Activity in bugs.sugarlabs.org: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1648

This ends our bug extermination efforts on Measure for the time being.  Now, it’s on to Buffalo Wild Wings!!!

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Getting Caught Up

After dashing directly from POSSE to the RIJF (Rochester International Jazz Festival) yesterday, and then enjoying a lovely evening of venue hopping with my daughter until about 11:00, I’m just now catching up on my blog.

Yesterday’s introduction to OS code hacking on Measure was great.  I mostly watch Luke drive, which was very useful, as I wouldn’t have been able to do anything by myself.  I actually contributed a couple of ideas on the causes of the bugs we were trying to exterminate, which seemed to pan out as correct, so I felt okay.

This brings up a thought I had on collaboration.  I come from a tradition of the isolated programmer who does it all by himself and has to be independently self-sufficient.  When I got to RIT in 1980 and was thrown into UNIX for the first time, the resident UNIX guru (a fellow faculty member) answered my first question about how to do something with, “it’s in the UNIX programmers manual; look it up.”  I thought he was kidding;  he wasn’t.

This community is the polar opposite.  If you don’t know how to do something, you’re supposed to ask, not try to look it up.  This is a sea change for me.  I’ll have to get over my natural reticence and put myself out there with the realization that not already knowing how to do something is okay but not asking for help is not…

I’m still feeling overwhelmed with all the myriad ways, so to speak, of communicating, mainly because it’s not how I normally communicate with people, but I’ll get there.

In short, lot’s of fundamental issues with world view and how I live my life, but hey, I can change…

Time to dive back into Measure code.

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POSSE Impressions

I’m getting my feet under me with all the communication widgets.  I’m still way lousy at multitasking, but I’m starting to figure out which widgets I’m not keeping up with.  The OSS process stuff yesterday was terrific.  No real conceptual surprises, but it was great to see everything instantiated for OSS-land.

I think I’d like to work on the Measure Activity.  I do audio and music stuff, but I done any low-level signal-processing programming in a long time, and it would be fun to see how that kind of things happen in Python.

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First post!

First entry in my first blog, motivated by participation in POSSE-RIT.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the different widgets and accompanying details, but at least I’ve got something up.

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